ShezBlogging 2.0 Is Coming Soon – Save $200

February 28, 2018

How Exciting, We’re Almost Ready To Launch…

The content for the ShezBlogging 2.0 membership site is currently being created and the doors will be opening very soon.

A lot has changed since the original ShezBlogging version which means an entirely new system was needed to be produced to replace it.

In the original ShezBlogging method it focused heavily on automation and the use of a Twitter software that no longer exists because Twitter closed it down.

The fact the original ShezBlogging method relied on the use of such software, it was quite short sighted to think that the method would be evergreen.

All that has changed…

ShezBlogging 2.0 is totally different to the original method and does not rely on any kind of software that will get closed down. I am very happy to say that ShezBlogging 2.0 is an evergreen method that you can rely on.

So what’s the deal?

ShezBlogging 2.0 is a blogging method that you can use to create a rock solid, reliable, wordpress site that will make you a steady and consistent income. This doesn’t rely on a fad or a loophole that will suddenly get closed down.

If you follow the ShezBlogging 2.0 system you’ll be able to create an ever-green WP based site that you can be proud of and that actually makes you a consistent income.

Everything will be contained within the private members only site which also includes a members only forum.

Inside the members area are all of the step by step video tutorials that allow you to look over my shoulder as I walk you through the entire ShezBlogging method. All of the videos are HD quality with audio to match.

I have a reputation of creating detailed video tutorials of a very high quality audio and visual standard.

Within these videos I’ll share with you everything you need to know for creating WP sites that follow the ShezBlogging method.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, I’ll walk you through everything you need to get your sites up, running and making you money.

One of the best things about a site that is created using the ShezBlogging method is that all of your sites traffic is free and doesn’t rely on Google.

That’s right, when you follow this method I’ll show you how to instantly start getting targeted visitors to your site without rely on Google or using paid traffic methods.

And there’s more than one source for getting all the traffic you’ll ever need as well.

And because of the way sites are built using the ShezBlogging method it means that Google actually likes these sites and the do rank in Google pretty easily. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Here’s just a few of the things you can expect to discover inside of the ShezBlogging private members area:

  1. How to choose the right niche for your site
  2. How to set up your domain and web hosting
  3. How to install your basic WP site
  4. The plugins you must have on your site (they’re all free).
  5. How to choose the right theme
  6. How to add valuable, high quality, content without writing it yourself or paying others
  7. How to monetise your site the right way depending on your niche
  8. How to instantly get Google to discover and index your site
  9. The 100% free sources of highly targeted traffic for your site
  10. How to start getting free traffic to your site from day one
  11. Access to the private members only forum
  12. Ongoing support and help from me via the members forum

And that’s just some of the content the video tutorials will cover.

Your membership to the ShezBlogging system includes full access to the private members forum where you can get unlimited help and support with the ShezBlogging system.]


If you’re fed up of jumping from one shiny object to another and sick of wasting your time and money on the things that never actually work as promised then you need to try the new ShezBlogging 2.0 system.

This isn’t a crazy fad or a shiny object. It’s not some get rich quick garbage either. I am as sick of seeing the kind of products as you which is one of the reasons I’ve created the ShezBlogging 2.0 system.

No more bullshit, no more crap, no more false promises…Enough is enough!

ShezBlogging 2.0 is here to deliver on everything it says it does and I am here to help and support you too.

If you’re fed up of buying in to something only to find the seller is nowhere to be seen afterwards when you need help then it’s time to turn you back on that stuff. ShezBlogging 2.0 members are valued people and treated as such.

I want you to know that as a ShezBlogging 2.0 member you will have my full support in helping you every step of the way to ensure the sites you create will make you money.


Right now we’re due to be live on March 15th 2018 and from now until that date I am offering this very limited offer so pay attention to this part.

The regular price to access to the ShezBlogging 2.0 members area will be $249 which is a one time payment.

But, between now and March 15th I am offering a very limited deal.

Using the payment link below you can secure access to the ShezBlogging private members area for a one time payment of just $49 today.

That means you can secure your access to the members area today for just $49 – saving you $200 on the price that everyone else will have to pay when we go live on March 15th 2018

On March 15th when we go live all of the videos and training materials for the ShezBlogging 2.0 system will be made live inside the members area which means you’ll get instant access to them on that day.

On March 15th this special payment link will expire so if you miss this golden opportunity to get access for just $49 you’ll have to pay $249 like everyone else.


Hurry, use the payment link below right now and secure your access to the ShezBlogging private members area for just $49 before it expires and save $200 on the regular price.


>> Use This Link Here << to get secure your access to the private members area of the ShezBlogging 2.0 system before the link expires.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with us here

Have a great day.

Michael Sherriff