What is ShezBlogging?


So you want to know what this ShezBlogging thing is all about?

You’ve come to the right place…..

A number of years ago I created a blogging system using a number of existing tools in a way that, when combined, created a whole new blogging method.

This blogging method was termed ShezBlogging. The word ‘Shez” comes from a shortened version of my surname of ‘Sherriff’ that I seemed to have picked up during my school years. There are still a number of old friends that still refer to my as Shez.

So, the blogging method…

When I first created this blogging method it utilised a self-hosted WordPress site, a Twitter account, a certain Twitter software, a WP plugin that posted content to the self-hosted WordPress site.

To make money from the method it simply used programs such as the eBay affiliate program or the Amazon Associates program.

Once set up it was pretty easy really and all you needed to do was focus on building a quality following on Twitter by targeting people related to the niche of your self-hosted WordPress site.

Because of a lot of the method could be automated it lead to many people scaling things up while not paying attention to the quality of the sites they created or the quality of the Tweets they were posting.

At the same time Twitter was experiencing an explosion of accounts created by automated software which it had to clamp down on.

On top of this, eBay and Amazon updated the terms of their affiliate programs and would no longer allow people to send visitors from a social platform, such as Twitter, directly to their sites.

This was part of how the original ShezBlogging system worked. You simply tweeted your Amazon affiliate link and sent people directly to the Amazon site. But when the changes came in to affect it meant that you would need to send people to your own website first instead of of directly to Amazon from Twitter.

These changes, as well as others had a negative impact on the effectiveness of the ShezBlogging system which eventually caused many people to stop using the method.

And it is because of those changes that I am releasing ShezBlogging 2.0 which brings with it many changes.

The fundamentals remain, as with any kind of system where you create a website, drive traffic to it and then monetise that traffic. But what has changed is the ‘how’ part.

The steps that make up the ShezBlogging system have changed and the whole approach to it. The new version of ShezBlogging will still allow you to scale things up if you want to but you won’t actually have to. This is because the ShezBlogging system shows you how you can create a decent income from just one site that uses the ShezBlogging method.

ShezBlogging 2.0 is 100% white hat and doesn’t involve anything that could cause things to go ‘pop’ and disappear.

So stay tuned for ShezBlogging 2.0 which will be opening very soon. More details will be posted to this site in due course.

Make sure you’re following our Twitter account at https://twitter.com/shezblogging as we’ll be releasing more information about ShezBlogging 2.0 there