Google and Twitter pulled into Facebook’s Capitol Hill drama

Google and Twitter pulled into Facebook's Capitol Hill drama

Google and Twitter pulled into Facebook\'s Capitol Hill drama

It really doesn’t look like this issue is going to just quietly go away and you know it’s serious when the main FB guy turns up in a suit.

It will be really interesting to see just how far the fallout from this reaches.

Could it actually lead to a major shake up within the FB leadership?


Sens. Mark Warner and Amy Klobuchar sent letters Monday to the CEOs of Google parent Alphabet and Twitter urging them to follow Facebook in endorsing their bill to increase disclosure requirements for online political ads.

Why it matters: Beyond Facebook’s privacy firestorm, Google and Twitter are getting pulled into other debates surrounding how social media platforms are used during elections. Facebook endorsed the Honest Ads Act last week in a move that armed CEO Mark Zuckerberg with ammunition for his hearing appearances this week and put pressure on its rivals to follow suit……

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