Not All Traffic Sources Are Right For Your Site

When it comes to getting traffic to your site it’s true that not every traffic source will be right for your site.

What I mean by this is that, depending on your market/niche, you’ll get better results from some traffic sources than others and there are many reasons for this.

In the ShezBlogging method we focus on free traffic sources such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc and each of these platforms are different. And as such, they need to be approached differently.

Content that works well on FB may not work well on Twitter, and vice versa. The same applies to Instagram and Pinterest.

¬†Instagram and Pinterest are image sharing sites, plus Instagram has limitations in that you can’t add clickable links in posts. For that reason Instagram needs a totally different approach than, for example, Twitter and Facebook.

So, what you post on Instagram must be content that is created for the purpose of being posted on Instagram.

Instagram has to be used like Instagram and only Instagram.

It is the same for Twitter, mainly because Twitter also has a character limitation, although that isn’t such an issue since they double the number of allowed characters per Tweet. (yay Twitter.)

Twitter is also, what I consider, a fast paced flow of information where you Tweets can easily become lost in a sea of Tweets. Imagine your Tweet drowning in a vast ocean where no one else can see, or help, it.

That is what can so easily happen to your Tweets which is why you MUST be using hashtags and, where appropriate, mentions of other Twitter users.

Hashtags will help your Tweet be found in that ocean of Tweets which also helps to bring you new followers and reach a larger, new, audience.

Do not underestimate the power of the hashtag. But, don’t go overboard with them either. I have found that 2 well chosen hashtags can help that Tweet be found rather than it just disappearing off in to the depths of Twitter, never to be seen again.

Hashtags work REALLY well on Instagram too where it’s OK to use up to 30 hashtags but when it comes to Twitter you can’t use 30 hashtags.

Apart from the character limits on Twitter, using that many hashtags makes your Tweet look messy and will put people off from reading it.

When it comes to Twitter I have found the best trade off between reaching targeted users and keeping the Tweet looking tidy is to use two or three hashtags. Choose them wisely.

When it makes sense, mention another Twitter user in your Tweet. One of the obvious reasons is because that user will get a notification from Twitter that you’ve mentioned them in a Tweet.

Read that again. Now let that sink in for a moment.

When you mention another user in a Tweet they get a notification from Twitter, which has 100% deliverability, and draws their attention to your Tweet.

That is so powerful and so overlooked by the vast majority of people.

So what is the benefit of mentioning another Twitter user in your Tweet?


If you’re doing Twitter the right way then it’s very common for the person you have mentioned to RT your Tweet and for them to like it.

When they RT you it puts you in front of their audience which, if you’re doing it right, will be the audience you want to be in front of.

And doing this take seconds and costs you zero. The payoff can be massive when it causes that persons followers to follow you too.

Going back to Instagram, do you want to know the secret key to getting people to follow you?

The simple secret that is so blindingly obvious that people tend not to use it.

Below are the words you need to use with your post on Instagram to get them to follow you:

“Follow Us”

I bet you’re thinking, “Oh come on, seriously, how can that be a secret or why would that work”?

Well, let me ask you this; “When was the last time you posted on Instagram and told people to follow you”?

In fact, when was the last time you posted on Instagram and just asked/told people to like your post?

Here’s the thing, when you tell people to take an action on an Instagram post they are 100% more likely to take that action compared to you not asking/telling them to take an action.

I mean, come on, it’s marketing 101. It’s just a call to action.

When you create a blog post and you put an opt-in form on it or social share buttons, you will ask people to join your mailing list or use the share buttons, right?

You’re asking them to take the action you want them to take.

Well, when it comes to Instagram, why should it be any different. In fact, try it out for yourself. The next post you put on Instagram make sure you put a call to action.

Tell users what you want them to do;

“Like this and follow us”
“Double tap this and follow us”
“Double tap this to show everyone you rock”
“Double tap this to show everyone else that you got this”
“Follow us and like this to show you’re real”
“Double tap this if you hustle everyday”
“Follow us if you hustle hard”

OK, you get the picture, right?

All of this works really well on Instagram because that approach is accepted by Instagram users.

And that is the real reason that if you want to get the best results from the content you post on Twitter, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat etc then you need to post for each platform rather than posting the exact same content across all channels.

It’s just a case of tweaking what you already have and you’ll get much, much better results.

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